Chromadek Signage | PVC and Large Format signage | Light Boxes | Cut Vinyl Signage

Signs are your 24 hour, 7 days a week visible advertisement. No other medium of advertising offers you such continuity as your signage, That is why it is important you get it right first time. To ensure the very best, we at P3 printing pay careful attention to everything we produce – thus providing a professional, eye catching and longer lasting product. There are different options for your signage, depending on where the sign needs to be installed and what effect you wish to get out of your signage.


We offer chromadek signage in almost any size. Standard sizes are 2450mm x 1225mm or 3000mm x 1225mm. We can build bigger signs with combinations of the standard sizes, ie 15m x 2m signs are no problem (or bigger). We can also cut to size and apply cut out vinyl or full colour prints to the signs. We also offer to build you frames and poles as well as installation of the signs.


Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) signs are a popular choice for indoor and outdoor signage. They are both lightweight and thin with a professional looking smooth, satin finish that virtually eliminates reflection and glare.

PVC banners are also waterproof, durable and easy to mount using screws, double sided tape, adhesive or a framing system that is available through us as well. You can have a banner made to any size you choose, you can have a 1m wide and 10m long banner if you wish.

Choose to have the edges welded (proper heat welded, not the cheaper glue weld that most companies use) and choose to have any number of eyelets put in, depending on your requirements. We can supply the frames for installation of the banners as well.


We can create any size lightbox to suite your requirments. These boxes are sealed and lit from within, and can have vinyl cut outs or full colour vinyl prints applied to the Perspex sheet. It is a great, hassel free way to have illuminated signage!


With its wide variety of surface finishes and effects, vinyls offer you amazing potential for your signage, display and decoration ideas. How many other materials give you a colour that runs all the way through it? We offer a great choice of vinyls for you to choose from: matt, gloss, reflective, metallic, fluorescent and iridescent. We also offer many transparent and frosting films, giving you the opportunity to create exciting effects for window privacy.